House of Healing Apostolic Ministries Inc.

 House of Healing Apostolic Ministries Inc.                     

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Welcome to House of Healing 

      At House of Healing Apostolic Ministries, you are welcome with warm Christian love.  House of Healing (as we are affectionately called) provides a pleasant and comforting place of worship for you and your family.  We are constantly and prayerfully exploring the Word of God to achieve a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Him.  

      As you seek to satisfy your spiritual hunger, or come into an awareness of God's love, we will provide you with a  vibrant, respectful and supportive Apostolic Pentecostal Christian community which aspires to strengthen your confidence and joy in your walk with the Lord.

      Our prayer is for God to grant you knowledge concerning His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding for you.  In doing so, you will be spiritually empowered to become victorious.

      Thanks for viewing our website, hope you will visit with us. 

      God bless you!

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